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  • workshop participants headed out in their immediate urban environment of the city of Berlin to identify spaces that have, for them, some relation to play – regardless of whether they were officially designated “play” spaces.

Inspired by the Artist Placement Group’s strategies of artistic insertions into existing (institutional) frameworks, Making Futures plugged into the Floating University by contributing to its public programming with a series of workshops that operate as collective acts, dedicated to enquire, learn and test future modes of architectural and urban action.

Throughout a week of workshops we delved into the future development of spatial practices by exploring topics such as spaces of coexistence; the right to play, affective tactics, practices of assembly and co-production of knowledge about the city, for our city.

With:  Arquitectura Expandida (Bogotá), Tor Lindstrand (Stockholm), Takk (Barcelona), Sofia Dona (Athens), Studio Basar (Bucharest), Books People Places (Berlin).