Composed of architects, engineers, landscapers, designers, sociologists, technicians, and many more artists … Bellastock team is considering experimentation as a vector of innovation and pedagogy. Those stakeholders from complementary disciplines gather their knowledge and know-how to support architectural project and territory transformation. Created in 2006 within the architecture school of Belleville, Bellastock is firstly a research platform whose activity relies essentially on the organization of an annual festival, reuniting hundreds of architecture students. Throughout the years, Bellastock has diversified its activity by multiplying its partners with schools, enterprises, local authorities and with all actors concerned within city and territory planning projects. Today, it is an operational association for the establishment and the monitoring of innovative architectural projects. Bellastock’s activity is deliberately turned towards the establishment of original, ecological and economic alternatives to the act of building. For this, we lead a work of research-action: by proposing concrete methods applied to the problematic of the cycles of matter while placing the social aspect in the center of the project .We assure the sharing and circulation of ideas through the organization of conferences, debates, meets, workshops, we look after the accessibility and diffusion of knowledge to the largest amount of people and to all types of audiences.