Juan Chacón

Juan Chacón is a member of the architecture collective Zuloark. Zuloark is a distributed architecture and urbanism open office, founded in 2001. Developing flowing and collaborative professional working models and building co-responsibility environments through shared authorship projects ever since. Zuloark is involved in different contexts such as “El Campo de Cebada” or “Inteligencias Colectivas”. Zuloark’s work has received a number of international awards and has been shown in several renowned cultural institutions such as New York MoMA, Akademie der Kunste Berlin, Lisbon Architecture Triennale or Matadero Madrid. The office has recently won the “European Capital of Culture San Sebastian 2016” Information Pavilion Competition, which construction has been finished in 2016. Zuloark is materialized in every achieved project and it is redefined while it grows. It’s a living structure, thought and constructed as a “critical object”. Zuloark never equals Zuloark.