Comunal: Taller de Arquitectura

Comunal: Taller de Arquitectura was founded in Mexico City in 2015 by Mariana Ordóñez Grajales, architect graduated from Autonomous University of Yucatán.
In 2017, Jesica Amescua Carrera, an architect graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana, joined the team as an associate. Since 2018, they are constituted as a Civil Association: “Hábitat, Comunal y Vivienda”, with the purpose of fundraising economic and material resources for the development of social & architectural projects.

Architecture is not an object, it is rather a participatory social process, alive and open, that allows villagers to express their ideas, needs and aspirations, always placing them at the center of projects and decision making. Through an interdisciplinary work, they address the problems of habitability in rural communities with a comprehensive and complex vision of adequate solutionsfor the socio-environmental conditions of each region. Their work combines architecture and engineering for the technological innovation of building systems with regional materials and the conservation of vernacular typologies, which results from the exchange of knowledge among residents, specialists and technicians.

Comunal firmly believes in the architecture profession as a tool that can help improve the quality of life of communities through processes that detonate autonomy, empowerment and self-sufficiency.