Jon Goodbun

Dr Jon Goodbun is involved in a number of initiatives and projects at the intersection of ecological thinking and experimental pedagogy.   He runs the occasional nomadic school Derailed Lab, which uses very long distance train rides as site of personal reflection and a collective eco-political expression, and is currently focused on setting up Rheomode Athens – an ecological hostel, urban farming experiment and site for short courses and collaborators in residence in Greece.
He has been involve in setting up two of the most important environmental architecture masters courses in London – the MSc Architecture and Environmental Architecture at the University of Westminster, and the MA Environmental Architecture at the Royal College of Art, where he is currently working with indigenous Andean communities in their dispute with the lithium extraction concerns in the Antofagasta region of Northern Chile, and on a broader research project developing a theorisation of environmental semiotics. His publications include The Design of Scarcity (Strelka) and AD Scarcity (Wiley). He is currently writing a book on the work of ecological anthropologist Gregory Bateson, called The Ecological Calculus – an architecture of extended mind. He can be found at @jongoodbun.