Hütten & Paläste

Hütten & Paläste was founded in 2005 by Nanni Grau and Frank Schönert in Berlin. Our field of work includes the design and construction of experimental architectures for urban living and ways of life. Paramount to our work is finding solutions for extreme or special sites and building assignments.

Our designs are determined by reducing to the essential, with regard to the available space, technology, construction and resources, as well as building with wood.

Building on our years of working with single-room dwellings, we are researching and working on adaptive structures and modules that can react to economic and temporal changes.

Users should be enabled to actively adjust buildings to their changing needs, or to choose between a variety of options. Of decisive importance is the creation of possibilities and opportunities, which are defined in accordance with guidelines and inscribed into the respective spaces and structures.

In recent years, we have frequently worked in cooperative organizational structures consisting of user groups, developers and property owners, in which we are involved as architects. The building programme, joint project development, alternative financing models and user participation all play a major role in this.

Central to all of our projects is the production of active connections between the interior space and the outdoor environment. We understand buildings as open systems that are in constant exchange with their physical and metaphysical surroundings.

Parallel to our architectural practice, we have taught in various constellations since 2007 at the Department of Design and Building Construction with Prof. Bettina Götz at the University of the Arts Berlin, and are regularly invited to participate in international exhibitions, lectures and juries.