Elke Krasny

Elke Krasny, curator, cultural theorist, urban researcher and writer. Professor of Art and Education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Krasny holds a PhD from the University of Reading, UK. Curatorial works include Critical Care. Architecture and Urbanism for a Broken Planet 2019 and Care + Repair 2017, both together with Angelika Fitz; On the Art of Housekeeping and Budgeting in the 21st Century 2015, together with Regina Bittner; Hands-On Urbanism. The Right to Green 2012, which was included in the 2012 Venice Biennale of Architecture; Recent essays include: ‘Claims for the Future. Indigenous Rights, Housing Rights, Land Rights, Women’s Rights‘ is included in Performing Citizenship. Bodies, Agencies, Limitations’ edited by Paula Hildebrandt et al; ‘Exposed: The Politics of Infrastructure in VALIE EXPORT’s Transparent Space’ in Third Text 144; ‘The Salon Model: The Conversational Complex’ in Feminism and Art History Now edited by Victoria Horne and Lara Perry, and ‘Citizenship and the Museum: On Feminist Acts’ in Feminism and Museums edited by Jenna Ashton.