Over the course of two weeks, over 150 participants took part in a diverse curriculum convened by practitioners in the field of spatial practices. Acting as a non-disciplinary learning environment, the School proposes, designs, builds, negotiates, maintains, performs and celebrates an educational and convivial space in and around Haus der Statistik, Berlin. At the same time, it becomes a dynamic actor within a process of urban transformation, serving as a common sphere of action between participants, neighbours and civic society.

In this video, participants of the school reflect on what they have encountered during those seventeen days of intense, critical, caring and resourceful collaborations. Through a multilayered and overlapping narrative, they share how they have brought the School into being, from building pieces of its physical environment to creating a range of non-tangible support structures. Further they describe their understanding of the school as a place for finding new ways of engaging with each other and making accessible, intersectional and plural futures.