Palermo Travel Journal

The following documentation is a collective travel journal devised as a result from the Mobile Workshop „Cultivating Uncertainty“ in Palermo. It is a fragmented state – an assemblage of thoughts and extracted knowledge from being situated in a specific place, meeting local knowledge and engaging in conversations with one another. The reader was distributed one week before the traveling to Palermo and it became a tool for connecting the group’s diverse backgrounds, interests and sources of knowledge. It acted as the starting point for this collection. Participants were encouraged to collect diverse material in a wide range of formats that later were shared and discussed within the workshops’s “class time”, a moment where the group could collectively reflect on what had been experienced throughout the day.

The journal visualises the process of the research trip and its position into a field of references, it refers to situations created during the workshop and includes their personal interpretations by the participants.

– Editoral Notes
– Palermo, che vuoi? The grand tourists and their travel journals
– Manifesta12 Curatorial Concept
– The city as a collective experiment between the local and the global
– Social encounters and collective sense making as a methodology
– The unfinished as an active form
– Participants

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